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The new CyberLink YouCam features an enhanced interface that utilizes a new innovative augmented reality technique. The new software makes it possible for users to build 3D models and objects in the virtual preview window, then superimpose them on their videos, real-time. This feature allows users to interact with 3D video objects at the same time as they are viewing the real-time video.

YouCam is an easy-to-use video editor that can turn your webcam into a virtual studio. 3D models and objects can be composited into the preview window and superimposed on your videos. The latest YouCam Pro also allows you to add rich video filters on top of each video stream for a creative, personal touch. Lastly, you will experience live video streaming when taking a walk or recording the event with multiple angles via many built-in features.

The YouCam web-based video editor is compatible with Windows 98SE and Windows 2000, and currently supports both single and dual Webcam setups. It allows you to add rich filters and effects to videos, including virtual beauty, makeup, glasses, beard, and more.

The YouCam gives you the flexibility to set the frame rate from 2.5 frames per second (fps) to 30 fps. The frame rate control will be rendered automatically based on your webcam resolution. With the default frame rate (30 fps), you can enjoy a clear, high-quality live webcam video.

Whether it is a party, a graduation, a birthday party, or a unique event, YouCam will allow you to create your own unique webcam videos with rich content that you can share instantly. What’s more? YouCam does not require a USB webcam to be connected to your computer for you to use this.

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The new feature that we added is the ability to automatically adjust the brightness and saturation of all your existing video and image backgrounds when the visual mode is triggered. This useful feature will help you to take a complete benefit of your CyberLink YouCam with the functionality of a full video studio before you begin to uninstall CyberLink YouCam Key 9 completely from your computer. This YouCam software incorporates seamlessly into your most favourite video chat applications such as U, Facebook, YouTube and Skype and live broadcasting services. Also, it includes an array of photo editing, offline video and correction tools, so you can transform a way you chat, stream online with YouCam 9 and broadcast. Another great feature of CyberLink YouCam 9 is the webcam effects that includes real time skin improvements to guarantee that you look your best when you are chatting, streaming online and when you are broadcasting. In the past, there was no way to transform a way you look on the internet. The above mentioned features are really cool and useful such as new QuickSnap function that allows you to take more than 200 special webcams for common sites and destinations. It also includes some great, useful and creative features like a template selection tool, which lets you to create your own custom webcam design.

CyberLink YouCam has many interesting new features and improvements. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Easy live video stream with four built-in cameras and a front camera;
  • Manage and control the built-in cameras with the new TEMPORAL CAMERA MANAGER;
  • Add cameras to your desktop;
  • Easy Live Video Broadcast with any of the built-in video cameras;
  • Auto-Detect and select any camera in real-time;
  • Real-time skin & body detection and make it perfect for your video chats;
  • Capture video with face, security or full body detection;
  • Rotate videos and capture stills;
  • H.265/HEVC (MPEG-H Part 2) encode, H.264/AVC (MPEG-4) encode, H.264/AVC (AVC Baseline Profile) encode, H.264/AVC (AVC Profile) encode and Joint Pixel Interpolation (JPX) Compression;
  • More than 200 video effects;
  • Advanced Picture edition;
  • Real-time face detection: Face detection is now 100% free. (Ex: An extract of up to 4,000 faces per sec.);
  • Poster image, list of users in real-time and many more. ;
  • Webcam Studio-special features: you can enjoy all of the above features without the web service;
  • Full feature modes : The software is designed to open the maximum number of features available to the webcam, including a full list of controls. You can move the webcam 90% of the screen as you wish. This version contains more than 210 functions and a list of features.

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YouCam is available for both the PC and Mac versions of PowerDirector 9, which makes it easy to share your photos. The software also has the ability to automatically tag your photos and its also possible to import any video, audio and text files into a presentation. YouCam also has the ability to search the Internet for a video clip or a presentation that matches the way that you want to present.

Like many other CyberLink products, YouCam 9 can add a professional veneer to your video slides. YouCam 9 includes video slides to go with its photo slides. Video slides are designed for presentations which require high-quality videos with professional looking slides. YouCam can import video into your presentation with just a few clicks.

CyberLink YouCam has a brand new layer architecture that is simpler to use and efficient than ever before. CyberLink claims its fully 64-bit compatible and is able to support up to 10,000 simultaneous video streams. The new 64-bit engine allows much smoother preview of multiple video streams, although nine was a bit too much for our test system.

Get the most of CyberLink YouCam with the new features of this free webcam utility. With its filters, editing, and recording tools, and fun effects, it can help you transform from a shy video chat rookie to a webcam pro. Along with all that, it can help you to create and share cool video messages and broadcasts. Also, with its strong and very easy to use recording functions, it will give you the chance to make high-quality video clips for your personal use or for sharing and marketing.

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CyberLink YouCam System Requirements

  • 2GB RAM
  • 3GHz or higher processor
  • 500MB free space

CyberLink YouCam Features

  • Direct photo editing and online photo sharing. Send your photos, videos, and short messages to your friends using a variety of email programs, including Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, Apple Mail, Lotus Notes, and Windows Live Mail.
  • Video trimming, cropping, and stabilization. Delete unwanted video sections, remove unwanted audio, and stabilize shaky videos.
  • Adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of photos and videos. Add a title, add special effects and filters, and create a collage of your favorite photos and videos.
  • Create a special effect of your choice.
  • Add a title, add special effects and filters, and create a collage of your favorite photos and videos.**
  • Create a slideshow of your videos by dragging the video to the timeline area.

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