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Possibly the best thing about Surfshark’s web interface is the multi-use mobile app. All you need is a USB cable to connect a phone to a computer running Surfshark. After logging into the app, users are returned to the desktop client, as if the web interface was never opened.

The app’s status page lets users know which countries each connection is using and lets them choose to change their server location. In countries where a free VPN provider is available, the app allows a free connection for up to six hours per day. For countries where such a provider is not available, Surfshark charges $10/month for this use. It’s a good step forward for a company like Surfshark, which is increasingly relevant because government censorship and surveillance are becoming more prevalent.

They don’t make them like they used to! At least, not on the VPN front. Surfshark does very well when it comes to beefy servers for the locations it’s covering and continues to do so even when it comes to server locations. In a time when many VPN companies are curtailing their server plans and retreating to more expensive cloud-based solutions, it’s great to see Surfshark publicly commit to this strategy. With this type of server commitment, Surfshark should be able to service the masses and compete head-to-head with services like Cloudflare VPN.

While we would have preferred a longer-term free trial, we were glad to see a company like Surfshark commit to the idea of a free VPN. The USB connection is somewhat inconvenient, and it’s frustrating that the company’s web interface uses up so many USB ports on a computer, but the free trial is a welcome way to test out the service before committing to a full subscription. For those looking for a VPN with a free trial, we’d recommend trying Surfshark first.

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Surfshark Free Crack 64 Bits Download Free

Once you reach the Surfshark homepage, youll notice the green button on the top right of the screen. Click on it and youll be taken to the menu. Click on the Blue button in the top right, and youll be able to choose your payment method. The table above the blue button shows the price of a single subscription for that amount of time. If you click on the Orange button, youll be able to find additional plans that are priced differently depending on the number of connections you have.

The pricing tier doesnt have the appearance of a VPN that has much value. Youll have to look at the pricing chart, or call the support line, to see if its worth the money. But if youre looking for a VPN with a specific feature, Surfshark will probably have what you need.

Surfshark is a great virtual private network (VPN) provider. Their service works perfectly on our network, and we have not experienced any issues. You can use Surfshark with a Mac, iOS, or Android device. We had some connection issues in the beginning, but those were resolved by Surfshark.

With Surfshark, your IP address is always encrypted, which means that it could potentially be used to track you, but all of Surfshark’s servers are licensed by the authorities. If you get caught, you’ll have to pay a fine and get your IP address blocked.

Surfshark offers managed security with its Norton Secured service. It allows users to protect their PCs or Macs with the Norton Security Suite and block malware by way of Antivirus and URL filtering. It can also help manage mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones if they are connected to those operating systems.

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Surfshark Features

Surfshark features a killswitch that allows you to set your connection to drop if it detects an attack. The killswitch is a lot faster to detect because Surfshark uses a killswitch check before every connection, and with a dedicated killswitch, it can lock down the entire connection.

Surfsharks VPN uses SSL to secure your connection and adds 128-bit AES encryption to your connections. The Tor and OpenVPN protocols are supported in addition to PPTP, which makes Surfshark a strong option for on-the-go users. No logging is enabled and Cracked Surfshark only accepts payments via PayPal.

Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their plans, and the company has a no logging policy. Their apps are well-designed and intuitive, but you still need to be careful of potential pitfalls like IP address leaks and other potential security problems.

Like many other VPNs, Surfsharks connection is highly customizable. Not only can you change the login credentials (username and password), but you can also choose between a number of connection protocols and encryption settings. Additionally, you can disable logging entirely if you want. Surfshark devices include both a router and client app, so you can use them independently or simultaneously.

Unlike ExpressVPNs limited number of country options, Surfshark has unlimited country options. In addition, Surfshark does not log data on all of its servers and instead compresses all data locally. This is very helpful, since Surfsharks file-sharing is not enabled.

Surfsharks strong commitment to privacy is evident on the company website, in its service agreement, and even in the EULA. When Surfshark was just a start-up, I gave them a thumbs-up for standing up to unscrupulous companies, but after their more recent behavior, Ive lost that faith.

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Surfshark Features

  • 25/50/100 Mbps throughput

  • 16 million hotspots

  • 2 million public hotspots

  • Device tethering

  • VPN


  • P2P

  • IP address management

  • Split Tunneling

  • Kill Switch

  • IOS/Mobile Apps

What’s new in Surfshark

What's new in Surfshark

  • NordVPN added mobile protection this month and has a new app!
  • The Surfshark servers are fast and reliable, according to this survey .
  • Server locations are expanding.

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