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After your paint is dry, it is best to let it dry at least an hour before proceeding. Once the paint is dry, clean off any remaining paint that was on the brush or the part using a tack rag. Then use an air brush to apply a thinned coat of texture paint to the part, preferably metal and/or textured paints.

For FDM printers, if you’re painting a gloss finish, you’ll most likely need to remove the model’s surface layer by layer. The surface consists of uncured ABS or PLA that comes from the 3D printer. To remove it, first “deburr” the surface with sandpaper, then use vinyl gloves and acetone to remove the ABS or PLA. You will need to wash the model off with soap and water or else it will be super sticky. Finally, spray a primer directly on the model. Some FDM printers, such as The MakerBot, sell a third-party support that can be used instead of sanding. It has a bond to the model’s surface that holds it securely, so it can be cleaned off after painting is complete.

Sand down any rough spots, filler lines or sharp edges before painting. Again, priming will fill in any imperfections. Applying the final coat of paint to a primed part is much cleaner than to a raw model. There is no need to worry about paint bleeding onto unpainted sections of the model. Spraying the final coat directly on the final printed surfaces is an easy, even process. With a well-primed model, a quick spray will cover just about any imperfections. It will easily come out of the final painted surface without a hassle.

After sanding and applying primer, inspect the print surface again for imperfections. Most primers have an extremely flat finish that highlights intricate details under direct light. Apply a final coat of primer and after the manufacturer specified drying time, the part is ready for painting (a quick, final polish is not a bad idea).

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Part of Microsoft’s goal with Paint 3D is to not make it stand in a different box from Photoshop, and that’s where its most big change is. Rather than having a specialized way to do certain tasks, like constructing a 3D model from photos, the Paint 3D has a similar workflow to that of Photoshop. You can edit the color and images of the model just as you would expect. The difference is, though, the Paint 3D Key model is more aware of its location in the 3D space. You can resize and place it from anywhere just as you would in a 2D image, but you can also rotate, flip, and move it around, just as you would in a 2D image.

Paint 3D even has a Viewport, and you can use it to move, rotate, zoom, and even pan in the 3D workspace. You can import from 2D, 3D, and even VR, too. Once the model is in the Viewport, you’ll start to notice a few more things, such as stickers, which can be applied to the image. Stickers are made of a cubic-shaped foam core, and you can apply them to any object in your image, just like stickers in an actual piece of art.

You can even rotate and move the 3D objects around just as in a 2D image. You can also create planes on your model to use as a background, just as you would in a photo, and add objects on them. You can even work with strokes, either in 3D or a 2D pen, and you’ll see how easy it is to draw and paint in 3D.

There is no doubt that Microsoft is making the best use of AI to keep Paint 3D consistent, and in sync with its other offerings. Paint 3D uses machine learning to help you discover new 3D and 2D tools and adjust the most frequently used ones. It is so intuitive, its one of my favorite things about Paint 3D.

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Paint 3D Features

Paint 3D Features

Painting is a bit different to working in 3D, in that the canvas is orthogonal to the model instead of being positioned at the back. It works in much the same way, except you just pick a color and click anywhere in the canvas to paint. There are different kinds of paintbrush, and you can apply a texture to paint a surface as well.

Another new feature is the ability to paint circles as well as oval or polygon shapes. These can be used to add rotational movement and give a much more organic look to your characters. You can then export these files as 3D models. Paint 3D also includes a free-form eraser tool, as well as a selection-based eraser. Its a pretty good way to remove unwanted objects from your model.

In the drop-down menu (Fig 3.) in the upper left, is the Add menu with seven options (Fig 3.):Clipboard, Skel, Movie, Tool Bar, Img, Emoji and Fil. These sections are similar to the elements in Windows application, but with more options. For example, the Clipboard allows you to grab content from your Windows Clipboard, or from an existing Paint 3D project. Below that option is the normal Image menu.

Next to that, (Fig 6.), is a white panel with the word Paint 3D in the middle. This space will be used to hold your project. By dragging a project into the panel, it will be loaded. Then, all objects you create will be saved in the panel. At the bottom right corner, above the options, is a menu bar with four functions (Fig 7.): Adjust, Save, Publish, Cancel.

So far, Paint 3D is not like most real-time drawing apps, but it is a 3D painting experience. There is a learning curve with Paint 3D, but for each of its features, it has a corresponding tool in Windows.

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Paint 3D System Requirements

Paint 3D System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, or 8.1
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 512 MB of free hard disk space

Paint 3D Features

  • Create your own 3D models and publish them online for free
  • Create, publish, and show SketchUp 3D models
  • Import ZBrush, 3D Coat, and 3D Max files
  • Export to FBX and X3D

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